Plastic Membrant Product Details

Widely used in many construction projects

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Geoprotect HS

Geoprotec HS is a waterproof sheet made of the best High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin base. Using Geosynthetic Research Institute standards (GRI) GM 13 as a reference, making Geoprotec have UV resistance and waterproof ability which has proven strength and durability can be used in a variety of applications.

Geoprotect RS

Geoprotec RS has become a friend for aquaculture business with 300 and 500 micron thickness variants. The texture is flexible but has strong durability, suitable to be used as a waterproof sheet layer in aquaculture projects such as shrimp ponds, fish ponds, salt ponds, and agricultural ponds.


Geowoven is a woven sheet made from synthetic silt-film material with additional anti-UV protection and has a fairly high tensile strength. The raw material for this material is Polypropylene(PP) resin which is supported by test results and research results in laboratories that follow ASTM standards, including: tensile strength, strength against puncture, tearing, elongation as well as resistance to micro-organisms and chemicals.


Geoprocel is a geosynthetic innovation in the world with the sheets formed by ultrasonic welding to form a three dimensional honeycomb-shaped structure that has many functions such as subgrade stabilization, erosion control and prevention, retaining walls, and strengthening soil structures. The sheet is made of HDPE resin which is known for its lightweight, flexibility, abrasion resistance and oxidation resistance, making it suitable for all types of soil conditions.

Geoprotec RW

Geoprotec Rodweld is used as a welding rod for Geoprotec splicing with the extrusion heating method. Made from HDPE material that has been adjusted in such a way, Geoprotec Rodweld is designed to be able to connect Geoprotec perfectly.

Geoprotec AD

Geoprotec Adhesive is ekspora’s flagship product in handling leaks. Geoprotec Adhesives function as single-sided adhesive sheets that can be affixed to any minor hole point in various thickness variants, especially for use in the construction sector with a liquid holding function.