Conwood Product Details

Eaves and Ceiling Applications

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Conwood Eave

Conwood Eaves resemble teak wood in appearance, and give rooftops a natural textured wood look while delivering the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your roof is termite-proof. This product is easy to install and extremely durable

Conwood Ceiling Border

Give your ceiling a beautiful new decorative look with Conwood Ceiling Border. This durable product is perfect for covering up all joints in walls and ceilings, and can seamlessly decorate your ceiling without exposing any gaps.

Conwwod Lath

Decorate your ceiling or walls with easy-toinstall Conwood Lath, which comes in a straight or stud style. Conwood Lath is great for interior design work, and can also be used to give a building’s exterior some beautiful Conwood accents.
Conwood Product Details

Wall Applications

Cadas Cartel is an export and import trading company.

Conwood LAP SIDING G-series

Conwood Lap Siding is a versatile, easy to install product that’s suitable for both interior and exterior walls. Give your home a modern look, with hints of textured wood that can be used creatively to add a distinguished appearance to any building


Reinvent the look of your home with Conwood Lap Siding BG, which comes in a beautifully designed pattern that gives any structure a modern and classic appearance. This product is easy to install and is a great option for decorating walls.


Use Conwood Decorative Panels to give any wall a new design pattern. Created for both interior and exterior uses, these panels are quick and easy to install and their distinctive u-shaped grooves add texture and dimension to any room. These long-lasting panels give any wall a new dimension.


Conwood Decorative Panels featuring a V-Groove are ideally suited for any environment that needs a clean and modern look. The simple style and elegance of these panels make them ideal for restaurants, bistros, coffee shops, or offce spaces.


Conwood Plank Juara is our latest multifunctional plank product with characteristics of real wood and better resistance towards weather due its SelfProtection Technology (SPT) that coats and protects the product from all sides. Conwood Plank Juara is suitable for your eave and wall applications; available in two models, plain and textured.

Conwood MOULD

Cover up the seams between the walls and foor of your home with Conwood Mould, an elegant solution that prevents dirt from seeping into the base of your walls. This product adds a beautiful decorative accent to your home while effectively covering up the joint between the foor and walls


Beautiful with real timber looks, Conwood Doorframe is sturdy, durable, and very easy to assemble. Our Conwood Doorframe is available in many choices of size that will suit your every need
Conwood Product Details

Floor Applications

Cadas Cartel is an export and import company.


Install a Conwood Decorative Deck over concrete to give any interior or exterior space the elegant appearance of wood fooring. This beautiful and easy to install product is a great and durable solution that helps keep high moisture areas free from both insects infestation and decay

Conwood DECK 12”

Install a strong and durable Conwood Deck to give any space the appearance of real wood fooring. With a fast and easy installation, this environmentally friendly solution is suitable for all conditions


Conwood Decorative Stairs is a beautiful and affordable substitute for wooden staircases. This product gives any home a clean and modern look, and the material is strong and scratch proof to prevent against wear and tear from usage.

Conwood DECK 12” T-Lock

CONWOOD Deck 12” T-Lock deploy a hidden screw system using T-Lock Clip and unseen Screw from the surface. In return of easy installation you will also get a natural perfect of wooden look without any defect or stain from the screw in the surface
Conwood Product Details

Decorative Applications

Cadas Cartel is an export and import trading company.

Conwood PLANK 1”

Conwood Plank 1” is an innovative wood substitute that has been developed to work as a decorative solution for both interior design contexts and exterior walls. This sturdy and easy to install product is a great alternative to real wood.

Conwood PLANK 2”

Conwood Plank 2” is a multipurposeproduct that can be utilized in a variety of contexts, and it gives anyspace it occupies a modern and classic appearance. This product can be used creatively to provide decorative wood accents in homes and other buildings.

Conwood FENCE

Protect your home with a Conwood Fence, a strong and sturdy product that requires much less maintenance than real wood. This easy to install fence provides security for your property while giving your home an elegant and natural boundary


Conwood Sunshade is one innovative way to cover and protect your house from sun rays. The simple lining pattern gives your house elegant minimalist look.